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Introduction of Kenda Motorcycle & Scooter Tyres


Back in 1962, Kenda Rubber was founded in Yuanlin, Taiwan. Its first introduction into the world of motorcycle and scooter tyres was in 1970. Since then the development and technology of their products have evolved to produce an excellent range of tyres at extremely good prices. This is the key reason why we at TyreTec, decided we needed to have another layer to our ranges. It’s well and good having the major brands that everyone is familiar with but there is a section of the market that just wants a very decent tyre at a great price. This has become even more apparent with the cost of living crisis we are all going through at the moment.

Whether you have a Scooter, Custom Bike, Commuter Motorcycle or Sport-Touring Motorbike, there will be something for you. We haven’t stopped listing new ranges since January when we first became an Official UK supplier and this will continue throughout the year.

Some of the ranges to look out for are the K760 Trakmaster, K774 Ibex, K778 Knarly, and K775 Washougal when it comes to Off-road, enduro and motocross riding. The Kenda Challenger K657 is a great option for Custom Bikes with plenty of sizes. We’ll also be adding the K6702 Cataclysm at some stage. For a very decent Sport Touring range with radial construction, why not take a look at the KM1 ST with all the popular 17″ sizes like the 120/70ZR17 front and 160/60ZR17, 180/55ZR17 and even a 190/50ZR17 rear. The K711 also has some non-radial sizes for smaller 50cc to 500cc bikes. Other smaller-capacity commuter bike tyres include the K346, K219, K434, K328, K6325 and K422. For small adventure bikes there is the great-looking K761. Scooters have a few options like the K413, K6022 Kozmik, K711, K434 and even the Whitewall K333.