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Best selling Avon range gets an upgrade – Avon RoadRider MKII


The Avon Roadrider AM26 was always going to be a hard act to follow, if not anything else, due to its great success in this category of motorcycle tyres. So how do you approach such a task? Well, there had to be the improvement of course, but it’s a bit like when a football team wins the Premier League, it’s brilliant, but you cannot stand still or weaken in any way. The mileage the AM26 Roadrider gave us was really good so that at least had to be maintained and maybe even slightly better if possible, but the main thrust of this progress has come in the grip for all weather conditions, but by focusing on wet grip, the RoadRider MKII has become better in dry weather. This has been achieved with the chemical make-up of the MK2’s adding more silica and a variation of other compounds within the makeup of the tyre but at the same time improving the overall structure of the tyre and sidewalls. 

So what do these motorcycle tyres bring? These tyres bring together outstanding performance and long life. Designed for motorcycles of all ages, the RoadRider MK2 provides a step forward in performance and reliability over the AM26 which was great in the first place!!! All elements of the RoadRider MKII have been refined as part of a rigorous testing programme, resulting in improved grip in wet and dry conditions, shorter braking distances and reduced wear. Alongside this relentless pursuit of performance this motorcycle tyre range maintains a timeless appearance. Avon motorcycle tyres have been selected as OE equipment providers by a host of prominent motorcycle manufacturers over the years and currently hold OE agreements with the likes of Triumph, Norton, Royal Enfield and KTM.

There’s a comprehensive range of sizes from modern to more traditional motorbikes. Another plus that should be mentioned, is a reduction in the effects of ozone degradation.