Michelin Motorcycle Tyres

TyreTec is an Official main dealer for the Michelin Motorcycle Tyre division so you’ll be able to find great deals on our website. It was back in 1889 when two brothers embarked on a great industrial journey to develop modern transport solutions. Since then Michelin motorcycle tyres have led the world in tyre production and have always been one of the two largest manufacturers in the world. The Michelin Power GP2, Power 6 and Power 5 for HyperSport bikes, and the new Road 6 and Road 5 for the latest in Sport-Touring, although the Michelin Pilot Road 4 is still very popular.

The Anakee Wild and Anakee Adventure for Adventure Bikes which will also include the Anakee Road for 2024, Commander 3, Scorcher 31 and 11 for Custom/ Cruisers and the Pilot Street and Road Classic for commuting are just a few from Michelin’s tyres making headlines. They’ve even introduced a road-legal enduro tyre called the Tracker. Motocross is the Starcross 6 that comes in variates to cover all types of terrains. And could anyone deny the quality and fantastic price of the Michelin City Grip 2 Scooter Tyre Range? Our whole Motorbike Tyre range is right here.