Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres

The Dunlop brand has many firsts in its illustrious repertoire. Back in 1888 Dunlop created the 1st practical pneumatic tyre, the 1st to use Kevlar belts in tyres and the 1st OE radial street tyres. Driven by innovative technology and experience, Dunlop is naturally a major player in motorbike tyre production and development. Many riders love the Sportsmart Mk3, RoadSmart IV, GPR300, Qualifier Core. and Mutant which is in a tyre league of its own.

Dunlop produces OE tyres for Harley Davidson and has great success in the motocross arena with ranges like the Geomax MX53, MX33 and MX14. For commuting, there is the StreetSmart in a variety of sizes, and the new Trailmax Meridian, Trailmax Raid and Trailmax Mission for Adventure Bike riders. To top it all off Dunlop has a very impressive scooter tyre range in the ScootSmart. TyreTec is an Official Dunlop Motorcycle Tyre Dealer offering big discounts, genuine sales and fast delivery.